The mystery of the human brain & mind
Brain Story
"The brain has muscles for thinking as the legs have muscles for walking"! Julien de La Mettrie, 1748.
Is the brain the hardware of the mind?
Or "The brain secretes thought just as the liver secretes bile"! Karl Vogt, 1846.
Is the mind the software of the brain?

Brain Story: All in the Mind

Part 1 Introduction
Every aspect of our lives resides in our brain. Inside the human brain 1.5 kg of 100 billion nerve cells create the human mind. Thought is a physical phenomenon, a function of the neurons and its enzymes. Our speech, cognitive functions and emotions are products of it. Thoughts and feelings can therefore be affected by brain surgery.

Part 2 Emotions & Feelings
"I feel therefore I am" Anthony Demasio, Neuroscientist
Emotions and thoughts are totally intertwined; thus a mere thought can
trigger powerful emotions. Emotions have long-lasting effects on all of
us. It makes us who we are.
Without emotions intelligence is sterile. In life EQ ( emotional quotient ) is more important than IQ.

Part 3 Mind's Eye & Vision
How does the brain generate vision? The brain decides what we want to see
and distorts what we see by using our imagination and stored
memories. Seeing is another form of dreaming !

Part 4 The Power of the Human Brain
The human brain has exclusive features. Our awesome abilities are due to our unique language skills, and language is handled mainly in the left hemisphere. The evolution of our modular mental abilities, language, creativity and imagination put us where we are now.

Part 5 The Dynamic Brain
The healthy brain NEVER loses its ability to learn new skills for the nerve circuits always make new connections through experience and learning. Ageing need not degrade the brain for it is dynamic and adaptable. The brain contains the essence of who we are - our identity. The personalization of the brain is the MIND.

Part 6 Brain & Consciousness
The reality of our experience of the world and how we see, hear, taste and feel does not explain how the brain converts all this sensory input into a picture of the world and how this picture, our consciousness, is unique to each of us. Blind Sight is an example of this mystery. Consciousness is the intangible experience of being " I " - our own inner world of perception and conception. It is not mystical but is generated by the physical processes of the brain. There is no specific consciousness control centre. Both left and right hemispheres are involved. Consciousness is more like the surface of a lake - each raindrop of experience can generate new nerve connections. Consciousness grows, as spreading ripples grow, with an ever changing pattern of brain activity and is too subtle and fleeting to be recorded in brain scans. The biggest ripple of activity at any one time makes us conscious at that time. But it is sub-consciousness that generates all our thoughts, emotions and actions. Conscious awareness occurs afterwards. There is a delay of about second before this awareness occurs. Research has shown that the brain prepares us unconsciously before a conscious decision is made. The conscious free will is the after- effect of the subconscious processes of the brain. Does free will exist if our actions are decided unconsciously or subconsciously and is there any real freedom of choice? However consciousness is an active force, rather than a mere afterthought. Example: circus performers have demonstrated that pain can be made painless by conscious will power. But science will never undermine our individuality. The nature and origin of consciousness is a mystery that may lie beyond scientific reach.

Of Mice & Men
We are genetically 97.5 % mice and 98.5% chimpanzees. What separates us are the remaining 1.5% regulatory genes which switch other genes on or off. In humans these genes switch on our superb language and communication skills and enhance our other superior cognitive functions.

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